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About Our Services


Free Initial Consultation

It all starts with our free initial consultation which is intended to enable us to evaluate what you need help with and if it will be possible to assist you, if so the following services are available according to your needs.

Planning Investigations

The reason PSi has maintained the highest success record in England and Wales is largely due to the meticulous attention to detail attended to during the thorough Initial Investigation service we provide.  


The purpose of this service is to safeguard the property owner by obtaining all such evidence, information, law and policies required to win your case prior to any formal submission to the council and although there is a charge for this service, absolutely no charge is made in the event that no viable route can be found to achieve your objective. 


Agricultural Occupancy Condition Removal

Our principal planning consultant has some thirty years experience presiding over literally hundreds of successful Ag-Tie removal cases which also explains our track record.

It is a popular misconception that you need to place your property on the market for a year or so prior to being able to apply to remove an AOC, which is far from the truth as there are at least six alternative routes available, all of which are considered during our thorough Initial Investigation, resulting in the optimum case type being found that represents the line of least time and cost.


Market Assessments

Just placing your property on the market for twelve months or so, more often than not does not result in approval for a myriad of reasons and having investigated a case, if the only option available to remove an AOC is the marketing route, our market assessment service is proven to work and stand scrutiny at the highest level.

Discharge of Section 52 and 106 Agreements

Discharging planning obligations within a section 52 and 106 agreement is very much like removing an AOC, with the primary intention to prove that such an agreement is unfair or has no further planning use or relevance, it is also possible to discharge such onerous planning obligation where it is found that a legal deed of agreement planning obligations duplicates a planning condition set out within a planning consent document, all of which are found and identified within our Initial Investigation service.


Agricultural Tie Comply to Buy

To our knowledge, PSi are the only firm in the UK that offer this type of service and over the years have helped many people who were not employed in agriculture to safely purchase Ag-Tied properties.

Overturning Planning Refusals

If you spare the time to read through our client's reference extracts, you will see that we excel in overturn planning refusals that have been submitted by other agents and members of the public, so it pays to choose the right firm to help you and avoid self submission.

Land & Building Development

PSi has a broad knowledge of planning matters and can assist you obtain planning approval for residential, commercial development and leisure uses.


Permitted Development and Prior Notification

we can also assist with Q and R notice, prior notification and general permitted development rights and navigate the raft of criteria required to be satisfied to achieve success.

Planning Enforcement Resolutions

If you find yourself being confronted by the Planning Enforcement Department, the best advice is not to delay, say nothing and allow us to stand between you and enforcement department, for more information on this service please review our example case studies. 

Category 1 & 2 Formal Planning Complaints

If your council have failed to follow the correct procedure or have issued a flawed decision, then we can assist you to straighten things out with a formal category 1 or 2 official complaint which we prefer over appeals as the a formal complaint represents the line of least time and cost, here again, more can be read on this within the case studies provided on the navigation bar above.

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